Is your desire for results to conform to your hypothesis skewing your data?

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So often, we want the results obtained to conform to our own desired outcomes, when, in reality, detachment from results is best.

Analyzing thoughts and recognizing when we believe something without having substantial evidence is the first step in identifying biases.

Next, if working on a team, you may consult…



Have you heard of this effect?

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Delivering accessible accommodations in tech is key to providing reaching a wide net of users with various ranges of abilities.

Oftentimes, disability options can benefit those who don’t need such accommodations.

For example, I frequently use closed captioning when watching videos in public to avoid disturbing others with sound.

The Curb Cut Effect




Jul 27

Got kids who hate brushing their teeth? They’ll want to once they read this!

From my book “The Ghost Who Lost His Teeth

There once was a ghost who could be heard at night.

But don’t worry, he won’t give you a fright — he’s our ghost friend.

Find out what happened to his teeth when you reach The End

If you’ve got children who are reluctant to brush their teeth, this is…



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