Former fast-paced world traveler turned slow-pased, travel-within type. Currently, an I/O Psych student in Seville, Spain (after getting my bachelor's in Italy) trying to escape a corporate career and 40-hour work week (there's more to life than work and money, right? Where's the time for passions, for rest, for pursuing actualization? For connection?)

I've got my eye set on a PhD. I hope to transform my childhood traumas, PTSD, and experience as a homeless teen into something others benefit from. I hope, through my research, PTSD becomes a temporary diagnosis, not a lifelong condition.

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I've written 5 books. They're available as ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers (affiliate links):

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Ryan Scott Shannon

Digital nomad, I/O psychology student, entrepreneur. Visited nearly 30 countries. Author of 5 books on travel, wellness, mental health.