Secret, Off the Radar Spots in Turin, Italy

Ryan Scott Shannon
8 min readFeb 8, 2022

See Another Side of the Paris of Italy

Photo by Antonio Sessa on Unsplash

There’s so much to see and do in Turin — you’ll spend plenty of time looking up and around at exquisite architecture and interesting sights.

But, while you’re busy looking all around, you may miss out on these more hidden spots! If you want to make your trip to Turin even more special, I highly recommend you visit some (or all!) of the following destinations — some of which haven’t even been visited by locals!

It’s in these places that you’ll get a more authentic taste of Turin. Plus, they’re not cliché tourist spots — you’ll never feel crowded or ripped-off. Most of them are free, or require the purchase of a drink or coffee (but it’s totally worth it).

Here are a handful of secret places I’ve discovered in Turin. I hope you discover them, too.

Narrow Streets off of Via Giussepe Garibaldi

No trip to Turin is satisfactory until visiting Via Garibaldi. It’s the street in the heart of the city center where Torinesi and visitors alike go out to see and be seen. On this street, you’ll find all the major shopping stores plus a few cafes and even some smaller, mom-and-pop style stores.

But the real magic is when you decide to venture off the beaten path, taking Via delle Orfane or Via della Consolata, for example. You’ll find smaller, more quaint shops and may even run into ancient obelisks, too.

These smaller, narrow streets have a more characteristically Italian charm to them that Via Garibaldi doesn’t offer. If you’re looking for read-deal Italian culture, you’ll find it in these smaller streets.

Monte Capuccini

While in Turin, you’ll probably venture over to Piazza Veneto — one of the largest squares in Europe. If you talk to locals, many will tell you that it is in fact the largest squares. What they really mean to say is it’s the largest square with covered walkways or arcades. Sorry, Torinesi!

At night, during all four seasons, the area explodes with college students and adults of all ages grabbing drinks with friends. In the daytime, or just before the sun sets, make your way over here.

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